The premier RFID & NFC Blocking Card that protects your credit card information from being stolen


The GuardCard is the simple, high tech solution to


  Lightweight and thin, the GuardCard is just like any other credit card in your wallet.

 A powerful carbon fiber strip in the card stops RFID scanning signals up to 13.56 MHz.

 NO batteries and NO charging devices are required.


Place it in your wallet & GO

  • The beauty of the GuardCard is how easy it is to use. Just slide it on top of the credit card stack in your wallet, and embark on your day as usual.
  • An embedded layer of carbon fiber is the secret weapon that discourages skimmer electromagnetic waves from scanning your credit cards and stealing your most valuable information.
  • Whether your wallet is in a pocket, jacket, purse or backpack, no skim device will be able to get through to your credit cards, no matter how close the thief is to your body.


Outsmart Thieves

  • High Powered Scanning Devices have become so advanced that thieves can quickly steal your credit cards and gain immediate access to your bank account without any physical contact.
  • The GuardCard makes it easy to protect the contents of your wallet without having to do any battery charging or card replacement. You receive a lifetime of full coverage for a one-time purchase.
  • You can even place a second GuardCard underneath the stack of cards in your wallet. With one on top and one on the bottom, thieves don’t stand a chance.


Peace of Mind is Yours

  • Identity theft is so common, that whether or not you’ve experienced it yourself, you’ve probably heard of someone who has suffered. The No. 1 mission of GuardCard is to reduce stress and anxiety with a simple tool that will always have your back.
  • While you’re going about your daily life, the precision of GuardCard’s carbon strip is blocking RFID scanning signals up to 13.56 MHz from stealing your information. It’s so small and easy to use, you’ll forget it’s even in your wallet!


“I had my credit card info stolen while traveling. It completely ruined my trip and was a nightmare to resolve. I don’t take any chances now, and with the GuardCard, it’s easier than ever to protect myself.”

– Andy R.

“I cannot vouch for this product enough! You literally just stick it in your wallet and forget about it. No charging cables, batteries- so simple and great protection. One of the best investments I’ve ever made!”

 Mary S.

“I ran my store skimmer over a friend’s GuardCard for kicks, and believe me, we hit this thing from every angle to no avail. I ended up buying one myself, it’s just too good to pass up.”

– Sam K.

Are You Ready To Stop Thieves & Enjoy Stress Free Living?

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How Does GuardCard Work?

  • GuardCard requires NO activation, NO batteries and NO charging devices. All you have to do is slide it into your wallet so that it sits on top of your credit card stack. That’s all it takes to ensure skimmers are blocked from accessing your personal information!
  • For extra coverage, you can place another GuardCard at the bottom of your card stack, so you get double the security no matter where your wallet is kept. A one time investment means a lifetime of security, with very little work on your part!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RFID & NFC?

These are terms that refer to high frequency radio waves that read and transmit information. They are most commonly used at stores as a “skimmer” device to check out goods for purchase by credit card. The problem is, these RFID skimmers can easily be bought online by individuals with devious intentions. That’s why having a FID & NFC Blocking Card in your wallet is so important.

What type of wallet does GuardCard work best with?

It doesn’t matter if you have a thick or slim wallet. GuardCard provides the same top notch blocking capabilities regardless of wallet size/type.

Will this card card set off alarms in stores?

No, GuardCard is completely discreet..

How many GuardCards are required to fully protect a stack of bank cards?

One GuardCard will protect within a 5 cm radius. Although, you can place one on top and one on the bottom of the stack for full-circle blocking.

Will this affect the magnetic strips on my credit cards or my mobile phone?

No, the GuardCard will not alter the effectiveness of other cards and electronics.

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